Emmanuel Babalola

Lead, Entrepreneurship Development for Youth Empowerment

I came into this space early 2016 just after using Bitcoin for several payments during my final year in school. After graduating from the Faculty of Computer Science at the University of Uyo, Nigeria, I built a successful career in IT sales. I rose up to the position of Vice President of sales in one of the top tech startups in Lagos, Nigeria. However, I quit my job and got fully into Crypto. During this time, I've invested in several projects and COS (crypto startups). Today, I have become a veteran trader on the Xchangerate. I am also the CEO of Crypton Africa,the Product strategist at Steemfuse, the CIO @bankonsteemit amongst others.All these are in a bid to accelerate Blockchain Adoption as much as I can. In the past year I have sought for ways to empower Africa through Blockchain and the internet of money. Sometime last year, I started following @Dan. l saw a man truly passionate about technology, a decentralized world, and building platforms like Bitshares and STEEM. I saw how one step at a time we became closer and closer to the solution of the future. The moment EOS was announced for the first time I just knew block.one was on to something great.
As someone passionate about this revolution, I'll continue to promote EOS in Nigeria as an @eosnation ambassador. I'll raise developers and investors on the EOS Blockchain, educating them about this revolutionary technology by organising and attending meetups and hackathons around my country. My goal is to accelerate EOS Blockchain Adoption around Nigeria.

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